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Importing Data From Excel

Acumatica allows you to import data from Excel into nearly every screen.

Consolidating Accounts for Financial Reporting

Acumatica automates the process of consolidating accounts from subsidiaries. In this video I describe the consolidation process for financial reporting.


Access from Anywhere Demo

Watch this demo to find out how Acumatica enables users to access their data from anywhere.

Working Offline

Learn how to export data to your computer so you can work without an internet connection.

Advanced Reporting using GL Subaccounts in Acumatica

Acumatica provides flexible account and subaccount structures to match your business needs and provide powerful reporting features. This video shows how to create segments and use them for reporting purposes.

Multiple Screens Demo

Power users often multi-task. Acumatica understands that. We allow users to open multiple screens or reports at the same time, allowing them to be more efficient in their daily activities.