Cybersource Adapter for Acumatica

Cybersource Credit Card Processing Within Acumatica

Acumatica Cybersource AdapterAcumatica Cybersource Adapter

Add built-in Cybersource credit card processing to your Acumatica software!

You can quickly and easily configure your Cybersource merchant account data within the Processing Center setup window inside Acumatica. Acumatica Cybersource Adapter


Once the Processing Center is configured, you can define Cybersource as the processing center for your credit card payment methods.Acumatica Cybersource Adapter


Next, you can setup your customer’s credit card information which is encrypted for safe-keeping

Acumatica Cybersource Adapter.


When placing a sales order for the customer, you can pre-authorize with Cybersource quickly and easily.



After shipment has occurred and the order has been fulfilled, you can view the pre-authorization information and can capture payment on the invoice generated from the sales order.



The invoice now contains the Cybersource captured payment information.