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FusionRMS for Acumatica

What is FusionRMS?

Fusion Warehouse Management provides both store level inventory management and full warehouse capabilities i.e. shipping, receiving, physical count, FedEx / UPS integration, and more. If you ship one box from the store or 100 parcels from the warehouse, FusionWMS lowers cost, improves accuracy and speeds processing.

What does FusionRMS offer?

FusionWMS simplifies, streamlines and enhances your accounting system’s out of the box processes. Its, intuitive user interface allows direct access to your accounting system’s functionality from anywhere there is an internet connection – no duplicate data base, no syncing of data. Flexible hardware requirements include virtually any Windows CE device.

FusionWMS – Core delivers essential warehouse management functionality to anyone who manages inventory. Built into the Acumatica framework, FusionWMS has no external database and requires no sync. It simplifies, streamlines, and enhances standard Acumatica functionality and extends it to handheld devices in the warehouse.

What does FusionRMS look like?

Enjoy this 15 minute demo of FusionRMS and get a glimpse at the power this warehouse management solution can offer you.