Organizations that deal with a large number of unapplied payments or credit memos realize how much effort it is to manually apply large numbers of such documents. With Mass Apply Payables for Dynamics GP, save yourself time and energy with automation.

Mass Apply Payables automatically applies credit memos and payments with the ability to restrict the apply function to a specific range of vendors and dates.  Users have the ability to specify whether to apply using Auto Apply logic or to apply based on imported apply relationships between documents.

Additionally, it allows the user to restrict the Auto Apply method to only apply on vendor documents where there is a matching prefix section.  The matching prefix length is determined by the user.

Furthermore, our product also allows for import of vendors, vouchers/credit memos, and manual payments.  If you only need to import payables records, our solution is a much less expensive option than the other integration tools available for Microsoft Dynamics GP.



  • Applies credit memos and payments automatically using Auto Apply logic or based on imported specific apply relationships between documents
  • Permits users to restrict by vendor and date ranges
  • Allows users to import vendors, vouchers/credit memos, manual payments, and apply relationships
  • Allows users to also restrict Auto Apply logic to only apply where documents having matching prefix data (length is determined by user)
  • Import of one-to-many credit document to debit document relationships


Check out a general demo below, or contact us for a personalized demo.