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Time Tracking Your Employees Will Love


Time Tracking Made Easy

  • Mobile
  • GPS
  • Time Entry
  • Employee Alerts
  • PTO & Vacation

TSheetsMobileTimeTrackingMobile Time Tracking

Track time from any location, using any device, in real time.

For employees who work remotely or switch jobs or locations regularly, there’s TSheets’ mobile time tracking. Using the devices they already have and are familiar with, your employees can track time quickly and easily. Employees clock in and out on their desktop, laptop, or mobile phone—using iPhone or Android apps, text messaging and dial in. Even offline or out of service, TSheets accurately tracks time and automatically syncs when back in service.



Online Time Tracking with GPS

Easily track time and location for your mobile employees.TSheetsClockedInMap

Looking for easy-to-use time tracking with GPS for your mobile or remote employees? Using TSheets’ online time tracking for iPhone, Android, or for Crews, GPS location points are automatically attached to the individual employee timesheet when they clock in or out, change job codes and more. Our GPS tracking even works on your Windows 8 phone.


Time Entry: Manual, Punch & CustomTSheetsTimeEntry

From manual to punch card time entry, it’s all tracked down to the second.

Regardless of how your business would like to track and manage employee time, TSheets has a solution. Employees can clock in and out in real time, enter their time manually, and allocate time to custom fields, projects, or tasks. Using TSheets’ detailed online time tracking, multilevel job coding and down-to-the-second time stamping, business insight has never been greater.



Tracking Employee Paid Time Off

An easy way to manage sick time, vacation time and paid time off (PTO).TSheetsTrackingPTO

Everyone needs time off, for sick days, personal days, or their own Griswold family vacation. However your business currently tracks employee time off, we prescribe TSheets for tracking employee hours and managing employee time off.

Employee Alerts and RemindersGet a free trial of

See how easily you can remind employees to clock in/out.

Simply and tactfully remind your employees to clock in and out with automatic reminders, and enjoy an increase in employee time tracking compliance of up to 99 percent.


Overtime Alerts

Proactively manage employee overtime with alerts.TSheetsOvertimeAlerts

Setting overtime alerts for your employees can help notify you before expensive overtime begins. Choose to have overtime alerts sent to your employees (when approaching overtime), managers or account administrators via email, twitter, or text messaging.


Timesheet ApprovalsTSheetsTimeSheetApproval

Easily review and approve employee time, in minutes.

Using TSheets, employees can easily submit completed timesheets to their manager with the click of a button. Managers can then review employee times and approve them all at once, or one employee at a time. Timesheet approvals can also be used by customers to quickly and professionally approve or reject time.


Who’s Working FeatureTSheetsWhosWorking

Confirm who’s working, where and on what.

Easily see the employees who are working, what they are working on, and how long they have been working on it – all in real time. It’s like an office in and out board, yet digital and available to see at any time on the Web by administrators and employees with enabled permissions.


Employee Permissions and Restriction

Customize how employees track and approve time.

Different employees may require different permissions. Your salesforce may need permission to track time from a mobile device, while your warehouse manager needs permission to review and approve timesheets. No matter the employee’s role within your business, permissions allow you to customize how they track time, what they can see on their clock in/out dashboard, who (if anyone) they are responsible for approving time, and more. Even restrict employees by location or device for clocking in and out.


DCAA / DOL ComplianceTSheetsDCAAandDOLCompliance

Comply with government regulations and guard against audits.

Any TSheets account can be configured to be DCAA and DOL compliant. For both, businesses must maintain accurate records of employee time, including hourly time worked against specific projects or tasks. An audit trail needs to exist for daily time entries, as well as for corrections, approvals and adjustments. Reporting is also an essential element of DCAA compliance; critical in the case of an audit.

In addition to DCAA and DOL compliance, TSheets offers ACGME Duty Hour Compliance time tracking as well.


Time Card Reports in Real Time

Who else wants precise and detailed reporting of employee hours?

Now you can manage labor expenses as they occur with accurate, detailed reporting of your labor expenses, including regular time, overtime and PTO. TSheets’ customizable filters capture the precise timesheet information you want – sorted by date, payroll period, employee(s), group(s), project(s), job code(s), and more, and can be viewed from a high level, or drilled down to the details of an individual employee.











Payroll Reports

How to quickly view employee time cards and overtime for payroll.

Easily view all your employee hours at a glance with easy-to-understand graphs, then drill down within the report to an individual employee to view details such as job breakouts, overtime, and time worked each day.


Timesheet Approval ReportingApprove Employee Time from Anywhere

Easily review employee timesheets and “approve” for payroll.

Approval reporting allows managers, administrators and those with permission within TSheets, to look over employee times in a single report and either approve or reject the submitted timesheets. Once the employee times have been reviewed and approved, then those specific timesheets become locked to ensure the final payroll reports accurately reflect the approvals. If a timesheet is rejected or “unapproved”, then an email is sent to the employee that can be personalized by the supervisor regarding what they need to review and change to resubmit their time.


Project Reporting

Now you can report by job code or project and be able to immediately review job costing.

Project reporting allows businesses to sort employee times by job code, group, or service item and can filter down to further detail when selecting an individual segment on the chart. Even view the individual timesheets within a project and print or download the data as needed.


Exporting Timesheet Data

Here’s an easy way to print, share, or customize your employee labor information.

After choosing a report and filtering down to the desired data, an administrator can download or export the data in multiple formats. Exporting to .PDF allows for easy printing and sharing; exporting to excel or as a .CSV file, provides the option to customize or edit the labor information to meet the specific needs of the business.


Works With QuickBooks Online & DesktopIntuitQuickbooks

Now you can have online time cards that sync directly to your bookkeeping software.

TSheets works great with QuickBooks Online Plus and QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise for use in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. With one-click, export timesheet data from TSheets into QuickBooks that is DOL & DCAA payroll compliant, detailed, accurate and in real-time. Your employee hours are now logged to your QuickBooks employee timesheet and ready for payroll.


Together, TSheets and ZenPayroll Help logo-zenpayroll-bigBusinesses Save Time & Money

Time tracking for payroll, at it’s finest

Businesses can now have a delightfully easy payroll experience that starts with accurate employee time cards and ends with accurate employee paychecks. By linking your TSheets and ZenPayroll accounts, you can easily track, approve and sync employee times for payroll, saving your bookkeeper hours each week and your business thousands of dollars each year in payroll savings.


Integrate with Other Payroll and Accounting Software

For a one-time fee, TSheets’ time cards can integrate with any payroll solution that accepts flat files.

  • Sage
  • eXpert
  • Ceridian
  • Comvida
  • Darwin
  • EChx
  • ADP
  • Evolution
  • MAS 200
  • MAS 90
  • Panorama
  • Paylocity
  • Paychex
  • PayPlus
  • EZWeb
  • Sagepro
  • Timberline
  • And more


Fully Integrated With Zendesklogo-zendesk-big

Now you can easily track time to individual tickets and clients.

Using TymeShift, TSheets provides fully integrated time tracking for Zendesk, a cloud-based customer service software. TymeShift allows service agents on the Zendesk dashboard to seamlessly clock in and out of tickets without leaving Zendesk. Powered by TSheets, Tymeshift keeps agents focused and helps managers capture more billable hours and have a clear view of how time is spent. Read More.

The TSheets API was so well documented, that I felt I could create my own solution, rather than wait for someone else.True story– Chris Ball, Creative Director at MPA Computers.