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Scanco for Acumatica

What is Scanco?

The Scanco integrated WMS solution for Acumatica introduces a new paradigm in integrated supply chain execution solutions – robust extended warehouse management functionality at an outstanding cost value for your operation. Specifically designed for Acumatica ERP users, Scanco’s WMS Solution delivers innovative product features, mobile solutions and an easy to use interface.

What does Scanco Offer?

With Scanco, enjoy features like:

  • Location transfers
  • Warehouse transfers
  • Order fulfillment
  • Physical counts
  • Bin management & Cross-location visibility
  • Automatic updates
  • Technology leading scanning option
For the first time users can choose between iOS and Android to manage your inventory for Acumatica. Control your warehouse and choose from many different hardware options using iOS and Android devices lowering hardware costs exponentially. With the freedom of picking your platform, the hardware can be mixed and matched so you don’t have to choose just one operating system.

Real Time Validation is key in a warehouse environment. It is imperative that you know if you are receiving the right item, have the quantity in house to ship out or worse shipping the wrong product to your customer. Using Scanco Warehouse you will eliminate all of those concerns. Scanco’s app will validate every piece of information that you scan, enter, or look up using our application. Taking away any worry of human error.