With Acumatica Deferred Revenue, automate deferred revenue calculations by assigning a schedule to any affected transaction line item or inventory component.

Accurately implement and account for deferred revenues and deferred expenses through integration with other financial modules. Improve control and accounting for revenue recognition in future periods.


Key Benefits:
  • Deferred Revenue Accounting
    • Automatically calculate deferred revenue according to established schedules. Deferred revenue is automatically posted and recognized in financial statements.
  • Integrated with other Financial Modules
    • Templates can also be applied to payables for expense amortization. Attach schedules Inventory items so Sales Orders and Purchase Orders are processed according to the proper accounting rules.
  • Customized Deferral Schedules
    • Create schedules based on templates or from scratch to model complex requirements. Schedules can be linked to specific transactions and line numbers on any income document.
  • ASC 606 and IFRS 15 Compliance
    • Manage complex multi-element sales scenarios required by ASC 606 and IFRS 15 and customize Acumatica’s logic to meet your unique business requirements and workflow.
  • Multiple Recognition Methods
    • Recognize revenue evenly across financial periods, prorate by number of days, or recognize revenue when payments are received. Comply with all recognition requirements – even in situations where revenue collection is uncertain.


Additional Features:

Deferred Revenue Administration

Component-Based Revenue Recognition

Deferred Revenue in Multiple Currencies

Advanced Recognition Scheduling

Automated Reporting

Audit Trail


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