Vendor PriceLists Management

Vendor PriceLists Management

In today’s workplace, saving time and being efficient is a necessity. Organizations using the purchasing module within Microsoft Dynamics GP realize that the unit cost of purchase order line items defaults from the last entered purchase order. This can be a hassle for organizations that need to purchase based on a contractual discount off list price or with a specific unit cost.

Our product, Vendor PriceLists Management, provides the ability to have purchase orders default in unit cost based on a matrix of vendor, item class, item number, beginning quantity, and ending quantity.

Vendor PriceLists Management (formerly known as Vendor Price Matrix) allows users to set up a matrix for vendors with the ability to define different default unit costs based on each vendor, item class, item number, currency, and quantity range. This matrix can be based on a discount percentage off list price or it can be specific unit cost.


  • Define default unit cost matrix based on either discount percentages off list price or specific unit costs based on vendor, item class, item number, currency, and quantity ranges.
  • Purchase order line items default the correct discounted unit cost based on the vendor price matrix
  • Works from any window in Dynamics GP that generates purchase order line items.

Check out a general demo below, or contact us for a personalized demo.