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With Acumatica Inventory Management, simplify your inventory processes with flexible item management, quality traceability, and robust replenishment to balance supply and demand.

Optimize stocking levels to avoid rush orders and stock-out situations with increased inventory turns and lower carrying costs.

  • Robust kitting and disassembly
  • Streamlined item management with matrix items using attributes
  • Powerful replenishment for automated orders
  • Quality traceability with lot and serial control
  • Flexible locations by warehouse, aisle, rack, shelf, & bin


Highlighted Features


Replenishment Define min and max order quantities, reorder points, seasonality, lead times, safety stock, and forecast models to calculate replenishment.
Location Management Setup and manage multiple warehouse locations with stocking locations defined by aisle, row, rack, slot, and bin. Define location defaults for receiving, returns, shipping, and drop-shipment transactions. Prioritize pick locations by item and warehouse.
Sub-Items & Matrix Items Create and manage matrix items based on size, color, and other attributes and values. Matrix items streamline item management, purchasing, and sales processes. Use matrix views to update price and description for items in the matrix item product family. Setup sub item codes by SKU to differentiate between product variations.
Physical Inventory Create movement classes and ABC rank codes to determine physical inventory frequency.
Pricing, Discounts, & Promotions Manage complex pricing and discount policies including volume discounts and multiple discounts per item. Maintain policies for price overrides, customer pricing, and commissions.
Customer & Vendor Items Define unlimited vendors by item with a preferred default vendor. Set a minimum frequency for deliveries and minimum or maximum order quantities by item for each vendor. Define cross-references between internal, vendor, and customer items.
Non-Stock Items Manage non-stock items for product warranties, services, labor, or other items. Unlike stock items, non-stock item quantities are not tracked in the system. Non-stock items may be received and returned without the Inventory Management application.


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Check out the video below to see Acumatica Inventory Management in action.