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Min Max Pricing for Dynamics GP

Announcing the newest product from ICAN Software solutions: Min Max Pricing for Dynamics GP. No more stressing about salespeople underselling your products! Min Max Pricing for Dynamics GP allows you to define Min and Max prices at both the item level and the customer/item level, ensuring that regardless of who’s entering the sales order, your products are sold within a range of allowed prices.

Have a lot of products you where you want to restrict the values entered by sales people? All it takes is an Excel file! Import them at either the item level or the customer/item level and watch them update in the blink of an eye.

Need to override the price restrictions? Our password override feature will allow designated staff who have the password to be able to override in a fast and easy way that won’t hamper your sales momentum. Sounding like the product you’ve been dreaming of? Contact us today for a free demo and more information.