Ditch the spreadsheets and automate demand forecasting, inventory planning, and replenishment. Optimize your inventory with EazyStock!

Using spreadsheets or basic tools to calculate your inventory needs is time-consuming and often inaccurate. It’s also difficult to manage erratic market demand and supply chain volatility, which can lead to stockouts and super stressed teams.

EazyStock is a cloud-based inventory optimization solution for small and mid-sized businesses that helps users overcome these challenges. The software integrates with your existing Acumatica or Dynamics ERP using a pre-built connector.


eazystockImprove forecasting accuracy: Generate accurate demand forecasts. EazyStock uses advanced statistical algorithms so that trends, seasonality, and product lifecycle profiles are all accounted for in every forecast.

Carry the right stock: Classify inventory items, set dynamic stocking policies, and adjust stock levels based on a wide range of moving factors including forecasts, demand profiles, and supplier lead times.

eazystockAutomate everyday calculations: Automatically calculate and adjust reorder points, order quantities, and safety stock levels. Get optimized order proposals that feed back to your ERP or business system, ready for purchasing.


For wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and retailers looking to optimize their inventory management, EazyStock is the perfect solution. Key features include:


Demand Forecasting:

Improve the accuracy of demand projections with statistical forecasting that factors in demand profiles based on product lifecycle stages.

Inventory Planning:

Dynamically classify inventory items and adjust stocking policies to meet target service levels with the lowest possible inventory costs and capital investment.

Inventory Replenishment:

Automatically calculate reorder points, order quantities and safety stock levels, generating optimized order proposals that feed back to your ERP.


Automatically adjust forecasts for seasonal products to help prevent stockouts or excess inventory due to annual fluctuations.

eazystock inventory

Promotion Management:

Track promotions and campaigns and update forecasts accordingly to ensure stock availability.

Multi-location Planning:

Optimize the distribution of inventory items across multiple warehouse locations

KPI’s & Reports:

Stay informed about all things inventory with an up-to-date KPI and reporting dashboard.

Supplier Management:

Automatically adjust inventory ordering to account for variable lead times, changing production schedules and ordering constraints.


The solution helps you improve your forecasting accuracy, eliminate surprise stockouts, increase your service levels and overall save both time and money – leaving you free to focus more on expanding your business in new ways. Adding EazyStock to your ERP gives you more time to reduce your obsolete inventory, source new suppliers, and expand your product portfolio and customer base.

EazyStock is developed and supported by Syncron, a leading provider of inventory management solutions, trusted by leading global brands in 100+ countries around the world. The solution is ISO 27001 certified and hosted on Amazon Web Services, so you know your data is secure.


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