Celigo (iPaaS) is the perfect integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for both IT and business teams alike. With Celigo, both IT and line-of-business teams can automate business processes, enabling the entire organization to be more agile and accelerate business growth.

An iPaaS, or integration Platform as a Service, is a platform that standardizes how applications are integrated into an organization, making it easier to automate business processes and share data across applications.

By leveraging iPaaS technologies, growing companies can eliminate manual processes and reduce dependency on spreadsheets and email, while increasing visibility, speed, and accuracy across their organization.


Integrate any business application or data 
to any other business application

Automate and optimize business processes 
end to end using embedded business logic

Accelerate digital transformation 
programs across the entire organization


Key Features of Celigo

No practical limitations: Unlimited number of concurrent integrations, flows, and data transactions.

Over 99.995% uptime: Reliable performance you can count on

Application agnostic: Change apps as your business matures and your integrations are portable.

Managed platform and connectors: Managed updates of connectors, new features and updates to prebuilt solutions so business value of the platform constantly increases.

Reusable assets: Reuse integration assets to rapidly develop new integrations.

AI / machine learning: Celigo leverages true AI/Machine learning to manage and assist in integrations, including self-healing and error management.

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