With our product, Mass Apply Receivables for Acumatica, we strive to make things a little easier.


Most organizations that deal with a large number of unapplied payments or credit memos realize how much effort it is to manually apply large numbers of such documents. This can be time-consuming, but with automation, this process can be sped up.


Mass Apply Receivables can mass auto-apply returns, credit memos, and payments for a range of customers and document dates.


Users have the ability to preview and process based on the selected range of customers & document dates. Alternatively, the mass apply process can be based on an import file specifying the credit document to debit document relationships including a specific apply amount and a sequence number for order of apply.


For more information or to get a personalized demo, contact [email protected].

Check out the general demo below to see Mass Apply Receivables for Acumatica in action!