How It Works

AvaTax: Sales Tax Software that Works for You

Automating sales tax calculation saves time, money and effort. That’s because AvaTax instantly applies the correct sales tax, based on accurate product taxability rules and precise geolocation, but AvaTax doesn’t stop there.


CONNECT AvaTax connects to the ecommerce or accounting software that you already own. That means you get to keep using the tools you know and love.
LOCATE AvaTax will find and calculate sales tax rates with roof-top-level accuracy using advanced geolocation software and address-validation technology.
CALCULATE AvaTax instantly applies an accurate tax decision by taking into account the relevant exemption status and unique product taxability code.
COLLECT AvaTax will simplify your cash flow by collecting a single tax payment that will be distributed to the proper jurisdictions.
REMIT Automated sales tax filing eliminates the complications of sending monthly, or quarterly, payments to every city, county and state where you do business.
MANAGE Easy access to payment reports, exemption certificates, and reseller permits will keep the auditors at bay, and your business running smoothly.


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