Dynamics GP Discrete Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics GP
Microsoft Dynamics GP offers impressive, cost-effective resource planning and management tools that enable you to work with trading partners, control the entire financial life cycle of the manufacturing business process and assemble a sustainable advantage in your industry.

Product Features:

  • Engineering Change Management- provides manufacturers with efficient tools for gathering, organizing and viewing changes to order prior to authorization.
  • Job Costing- offers the functionality manufacturers need to capture costs as they occur and consolidate them in a centralized location for quick and easy retrieval.
  • Bill of Materials- enables you to manage materials, components and assemblies more effectively and increase your level of control.
  • Manufacturing Order Processing- tracks production costs and manages work orders. It‘s also integrated with sales and production processes.
  • Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)- enables you to change procurement and production with greater accuracy – a capability that’s invaluable in dynamic markets.
  • Quality Assurance- helps to ensure that your products meet, if not exceed, the expectations of customers.
  • Sales Forecasting- increases teamwork, facilitates effective communication and promotes successful product delivery.

Manufacturers and distributors face many competitive challenges. By using integrated systems that link functions across your organization, you can reduce time-to-market and improve control of your entire supply chain.

Cutting-edge supply chain and financial management features in Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you connect customer requirements with product design, work better with business partners, and better track workflow across manufacturing, purchasing, finance, sales, and distribution. Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers comprehensive manufacturing capabilities out-of-the-box to streamline and effectively manage your production process.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing Benefits

  •  Reduces manufacturing costs and simplifies operations
  •  Efficient shop floor management
  •  Comprehensive visibility of production profitability
  •  Change management and rapid response system to maintain profitability
  •  Minimised stock outages and reduced inventory costs
  •  Tight quality control
  •  Maximise customer satisfaction by meeting highly configured demands on time and exactly on spec
  •  Optimise production capacity


Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing Modules

  • Manufacturing Order Processing:  Track detailed production costs and manage work orders and the shop floor more efficiently.
  • Job Costing: Capture all costs when they occur and consolidate them in one location that’s easy to access and manage, giving you a comprehensive view of production profitability.
  • Materials Requirements Planning:  Adjust procurement and production with greater precision, and ensure that supplies arrive when and where they are needed—helping reduce stock outages, drive down inventory costs, and streamline the production process.
  • Engineering Change Management:  Collect, organize, and review changes to orders before they’re authorized. Adjust processes and components to accommodate new technologies and customer changes while maintaining efficiency and profitability.
  • Manufacturing Bill of Materials:  Deliver complete, consistent, and current product information. Manage materials, components, and assemblies more precisely.
  • Sales Forecasting:  Increase collaboration and bridge communication gaps to promote effective, efficient product delivery.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensure the product consistently meets or exceeds demanding customer requirements with tight control of quality-testing processes.
  • Sales Configurator:  Define items manufactured by your business with the flexibility to include or exclude certain options based on customer specifications.
  • Capacity Requirements Planning:  Establish and measure capacity, and compare capacity defined for your production floor to work completion goals.
  • Master Production Scheduling:  Gather information from sales forecasts to form a single, comprehensive production schedule and create manufacturing orders.

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Dynamics GP Discrete Manufacturing