Dynamics GP Human Resources

Microsoft Dynamics GP

More visibility into your people.

Less time navigating disparate applications.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can strategically manage your  organization’s most important business asset—your employees.  Better yet, it gives you visibility into your people, with robust  reporting, user query tools, and customized lists that deliver  insight into all levels of data, from the pulse of a department  down to specific personnel records, without the hassle of  standalone applications. Microsoft Dynamics GP also includes  more than 220 built-in human resources and payroll (HRP) reports—more than nearly all competitive solutions in the  market today—at no additional cost.

Plus the Microsoft Dynamics RoleTailored interface helps your team access HRP information faster, speed planning, and fuel performance. Role based, personalized dashboards and key performance indicators are targeted at the specific  jobs people do, providing immediate, clear, and controlled  visibility into the information that’s specifically important to  HRP administrators.

“We didn’t want to be burdened  with a variety of financial, payroll,  and human resources systems. With  Microsoft Dynamics GP, we can capitalize on all these functions with a single package.”
—Becky Stopper, Office Manager, Brookline Village


Creates insight.  From built-in reporting to sophisticated data analysis, Microsoft Dynamics GP gives everyone in an organization access to the
information most relevant to their roles, using the Microsoft® Office tools they know so well. This can lead to big cost savings, strategic business
decisions, and informed, empowered people throughout your organization.

Increases efficiency.  Microsoft Dynamics GP looks like, and works with, the Microsoft® Office applications people already know and use. Easy customization gives your employees the exact information and tools they need to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency.
Microsoft Dynamics GP also connects your people and systems, fueling teamwork, increasing accuracy, and reducing steps for routine tasks—freeing them to focus on what matters most to your company.

The percentage of payroll department redeployed from processing tasks to financial planning and analysis at Glidewell Laboratories, thanks to time savings made possible by Microsoft Dynamics GP.

THREE TOP REASONS to choose Microsoft Dynamics GP for integrated HRP administration:

  • Streamline HRP processes and procedures. It helps improve productivity and reduce human error by replacing manual data entry, tracking, and calculations with automated routine tasks.
  • Take control of complex HRP functions. It allows you to maintain precise control over financial and personnel resources.
  • Empower people to make confident decisions about payroll and benefit options. It enables quick and convenient transformation of data into useful information, to help your staff minimize risks and maximize productivity.

“Now when the chief financial officer asks us to track data and turn around a report, we don’t have to go to three departments to get the information; it’s all available right in Microsoft Dynamics GP.”

—Hope Clevenger, Corporate Benefits and Payroll Manager, G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers


Dynamics GP Human Resources