Dynamics GP Payroll

Microsoft Dynamics GP
Dynamics GP includes a good payroll processing module that allows you to maintain employees and process payrolls for hourly and salaried employees. You can track and calculate deductions and benefits.

Because of the myriad of employment and tax laws, undertaking to process your own payroll, is not a trivial task.

But if you want to run your own payroll system because of cost, flexibility, reporting, etc., Dynamics GP is a good solution. The Payroll module also ties into the Human Resources module as well.

There is a fair amount of set up to get the system to work the way you want; primarily making sure that you are properly calculating all deductions and benefits your company offers. But once you get it set up, you should be able to process payrolls smoothly.

This video does not show the setup portion, but does just walk through the periodic processing function:



Dynamics GP Payroll