Microsoft Dynamics SL to Acumatica

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Is Your Business Stuck with Dynamics SL?

Acumatica is the system of choice for Microsoft Dynamics SL/Solomon Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Accounting users who feel trapped by its increasing support costs and who are looking to increase their productivity with modern technology and enhanced functionality.

Developed by the creators of Dynamics SL, Acumatica brings the Project and Distribution management functionality of SL to a modern platform. Cloud may not be a fit for your company, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a next generation ERP such as Acumatica.

When you chose Dynamics SL, it promised the functionality to improve the way you run your business. However, Microsoft’s decision to discontinue SL’s business portal signaled it will not be embracing modern technology that could empower your business. As a result, Dynamics SL users are increasingly turning to Acumatica.

Listen to what former Dynamics SL (Solomon) users have to say about switching to Acumatica:


Unify Project Accounting & Project Management

Your ERP should be more than a glorified time and expense reporting tool. Acumatica empowers your people while giving managers better control of the business. Here’s how:


  • Centralized Customer Lifecycle Management:In Acumatica, Data and Documents are linked to customers throughout their history. All information is located in one place–including your Customer Relationship Management info– no ‘connectors’ necessary.
  • Project Information Available in Other Modules: Project features are available in the GL, AP, AR, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Employ Management, CRM, and Inventory Management modules. Simply select the modules where you want project accounting to appear–again no ‘connectors’ necessary.
  • Support Project-Based Processes in a New Way:Acumatica takes support for project-based processes to a new level using web standard technology which can be deployed anywhere. Several client-server applications have adapted for the web. Dynamics SL has been poorly adapted for the web limiting your ability to support how your customers and employees now use technology.
  • Customer Portal: Keep your customers informed through Acumatica’s Customer portal. The Acumatica Customer portal is fully embedded in Acumatica and allows you to control what information is available to the customers.

Empower Your Entire Staff

From the road-weary sales team and project leads, to the IT manager, Acumatica lowers overhead and removes barriers enabling you people to work better:

  • Share Information Across Your Company: With Dynamics SL’s per user pricing, companies are forced to make decisions about who can access their ERP to keep costs down. Acumatica is priced for unlimited users so everyone in your organization can be involved – allowing for a truly integrated business management system. Not having to pay for each additional user helps you get the most from your investment.
  • Empower Employees with 24/7 Access: With Microsoft’s decision to discontinue the Business Portal for Dynamics SL and replace it web apps remote employees will only have access to select areas of functionality. In Acumatica employees have 24/7 access to the entire system, or just the areas you choose, through any common web browser, no VPN or web app necessary.
  • Get Started Quickly With a Familiar Role-based Solution: Your employees wear many hats and aren’t confined to four walls. Acumatica empowers your people with anytime, anywhere access from any device to the entire system. No web apps to deal with and no additional fees.
  • Simplify Access to Compliance-Related Data:Document management is embedded on every Acumatica screen; notes, receipts and contracts are attached directly to business documents so auditors can obtain relevant content from a single location. With Acumatica’s unlimited user pricing, auditors can be granted temporary access to specific GL accounts, reports, documents and screen for no additional fees.

Take Control with Acumatica

Your ERP should be more than a glorified time and expense reporting tool. Acumatica empowers your people while giving managers better control of the business.

  • Involve Everyone with Unlimited User Pricing:Go deeper in your own organization by involving everyone at no additional fee. You can also help your clients better manage invoices, approve budgets, etc, using Acumatica’s customer portal which requires no addition user licenses.
  • Gain Real-Time Access to Key Reporting Data: : With role-based and user-definable dashboards, Acumatica takes reporting to next level. In addition, Acumatica includes three separate reporting tools and the ability to share reports across the organization at no addition fee.
  • Tailorailor Solutions to Meet your Needs: With Microsoft, your needs are met if the functionality you need available through one if its web apps. As a result, team members in the field may be missing critical information. Since Acumatica is web based, the entire system is available anywhere you go so your people can stay connected.
  • Connect with Innovative Applications and Technologies: With every screen available through web services, Acumatica makes integration easy. Customization is a breeze too with standard .net and SQL technologies. But with embedded modules such as Customer Relationship Management, you will find a lot of the functionality you need right out of the box. Again, no ‘connectors’ necessary.

We’re ready to help you explore how Acumatica will enable your organization to achieve success.

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