Cash Flow Budgeting

How Float helps your business plan the future…

  • Knowing what your cash position at any point in the future helps you make important decisions.
  • Explore scenarios at the click of a button.
  • What if that contract falls through?
  • Can I afford to hire new people?
  • When do I have to chase my invoices?

Float Cash Flow Budgeting
Float Cash Flow Budgeting

See the big picture – and drill down

– Understand how your overall numbers look at a glance. You can then click at any figure to drill and see the details.

– Float connects the dots to show you how things will look like in the future. You can foresee any potential issues, and plan for seasonal or other patterns.

Forecasting without spreadsheets

– Stop wrestling with complicated spreadsheets, worrying about broken formulas or how to share with others.

– Float is online, in the cloud, so you can access your data anywhere, anytime.

Float Cash Flow Budgeting

Float Cash Flow Budgeting

Save time and be efficient

– Reduce the manual data entry work. Let Float do the boring bits so you can focus on what really matters.

– Float imports and categorises your numbers directly from your accounting software, so your forecast is accurate and up to date, with no extra effort!

Collaborate with your team

– Several users can view and edit budgets

– Share insights with the whole team to make the right decisions.

Float Cash Flow Budgeting

Float Cash Flow Budgeting

Simple budgeting

– Set up spending budgets for your business, quick and easy.

– Track where you’re at right now, and forecast future spending at a glance.

 Contact us to arrange a free trial of Float and plan how you can budget better in the cloud!