The Power BI – Report Pack

Announcing: The Power BI – REPORT PACK for Dynamics GP


Improve visibility into critical business data from Dynamics GP to make faster, more informed decisions for your organization.  The REPORT PACK features powerful Data Insights, Analytics, Question & Answer and Predictive Analytics (Forecasting).

REPORT PACK for Dynamics GP
60+ pre-built and shareable dashboard reports for AP, AR & GL PLUS SOP, Revenues, Inventory,

Budgets vs Actual, Bank Reconciliation & Balance Sheet/P&L

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Visualize and Analyze your Microsoft Dynamics GP data anywhere and on any device with the Power BI – REPORT PACK for Dynamics GP.  See charts, graphs, analysis and projections of your company’s future financial standings at a glance and all in one place.   The REPORT PACK is the only pre-built, interactive solution on the market today for surfacing Dynamics GP data.

By analyzing your constantly changing data you can determine at a glance:

  • which items are the most profitable
  • which accounts owe you money
  • where your sales are the strongest
  • where you have the potential to lose money
  • and so much more …

Get started today with the REPORT PACK designed specifically for Dynamics GP. 

Creating custom reports can be complicated and costly, but with our pre-built REPORT PACK you can be up and running in a few days.

Take a look at the dashboards here!

Over 400 current GP users were polled to determine which dashboards were most critical for users like you. Plus, you can drill down into the details on each dashboard allowing you to interact with the data and surface the information that matters most.

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