Xero Cin7 Inventory

Rich Product Information ManagementXero Cin7 Inventory

Manage thousands of products with ease. Add custom fields of information, upload pdfs, images and videos.Products can be categorized and accessed with a few clicks. Product information can be updated directly in a list or exported and updated by coping and pasting from Excel.

Serial and Batch Number TrackingXero Cin7 Inventory

Track your inventory with serial and batch numbers.Serial numbers can be added in bulk in purchase orders. Customer returns and exchanges are traced and managed back to the supplier.

Mobile Warehouse and Stocktake SystemCin7RealtimeModules

Ground breaking technology that allows floor staff to manage inventory in real-time using a tablet. Mobile warehouse and stocktake works seamlessly with light weight blue tooth scanners.


Multiple Units of MeasureCin7UOM

Buy and sell in different units.
A feature usually only found in the most specialised manufacturing systems.Extremely useful for any inventory company and essential for manufacturers and flooring companies. Save time and increase staff accuracy when selling wholesale or in a showroom.

Kitting and CombosCin7KittingAndCombos

Kits can be constructed directly in a sales order. These can be created as a unique one-off or loaded from a preset bill of materials. A unique “Addon” feature enables an item to be added to a larger item without the need to enter a completely new product into your product database.

Custom FieldsCin7CustomFields

Custom fields can be created for many Cin7 modules such as the CRM, sales orders, purchase orders and products. Custom fields can be displayed in documents and searched for in keyword searches.

Pricing Matrix and Contract PricingCin7ComplexPricing

In addition to price columns, Cin7 has a pricing matrix system that can reproduce many pricing calculations such as contact pricing, volume pricing or category wide discounts.

Smart Buyer and Re-orderingCin7SmartBuyer

With just two clicks supplier specific” purchase orders can be created to fulfill open sales orders. Perfect for made-to-order companies.Re-ordering is made easy by displaying all products which have reached their minimum stock levels.

More Features

Xero Cin7 InventoryEasy and accurate landed cost
and “Cost of Goods” calculations
Xero Cin7 Inventory“Cost of Goods” pushed to Xero/QuickBooks Online
next day after the sales order
Xero Cin7 InventoryPay invoices online Xero Cin7 InventoryPurchase order cashflow reports
Xero Cin7 InventoryBackorders Xero Cin7 InventoryCredit Notes Xero Cin7 InventorySupplier Credit Notes Xero Cin7 InventoryBranch transfers
Xero Cin7 InventoryQuotes Xero Cin7 InventorySales Agreements Xero Cin7 InventoryPre-orders Xero Cin7 InventoryBin Location Transfers
Xero Cin7 InventoryReserve stock Xero Cin7 InventoryFaulty, seconds etc classifications Xero Cin7 InventorySupplier consignment stock Xero Cin7 InventoryCustomer consignment stock
Xero Cin7 InventoryTemplated emails Xero Cin7 InventoryCustomizable search filters Xero Cin7 InventoryCustomizable documents Xero Cin7 InventoryBatch actions