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Zoho CRM Google AdWordszoho crm google adwords

Zoho CRM Google Adwords integration allow you to close the loop between online ad dollars and offline conversions.

From Click to Deal. In Zoho and AdWords

You can now quit juggling between two apps. Zoho CRM Google AdWords integration combines investment information and offline conversion data from AdWords. Now, anyone using Zoho CRM and Google AdWords can measure a customer’s journey from the click to the conversion.

zoho crm google adwords

Do away with Manual Offline Conversions Import

Whether the deal is done in person or over the phone, Zoho CRM Google Adwords integration allows you to sync the offline conversion data without a click of a button. The automated conversion import results in up-to-date reporting and superior bid automation performance.

zoho crm google adwords

Optimize Ad Campaigns

With your conversions data always up-to-date, you get a fine-grained, query-based statistics on advertising performance in both Zoho CRM and Google AdWords. This helps you track the ROI of AdWords spending and optimize the ad campaigns.

zoho crm google adwords

Go Beyond Numbers. Track Deals

Zoho CRM Google AdWords integration closes the loop between online ad campaigns and closing deals. Now you can measure complex journeys to purchase – from an initial click to an ad, right to a purchase.

zoho crm google adwords

Slice and Dice your Campaign Data

Complete your report and campaign management all from within AdWords when you utilize the Zoho CRM Google Adwords integration. Invest wisely on the right keywords by analyzing the revenue generated by key performing campaigns. Make informed decisions by identifying those ad campaigns that are bringing in the results for you.

zoho crm google adwords


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